Christian Values Reflected in Work Performed

Derek is the only plumber I will use. We’ve had a few issues with sewer backups and ejector pumps, and also had a water softener, a toilet, bathroom remodel, and a battery backup system installed. He was great to work with in all instances. Very knowledgeable, and will take the time to educate his customers on what he is doing and why.

Derek makes me feel at ease during the entire process every time. He has come out to also give his opinion on a ceiling leak and honestly told me it was not plumbing related. He gives suggestions on what may need to be done in the future and also provides “public service announcements” anytime he can. He has informed us about things like hoses connected outside, or opening cabinet doors during the winter. Above all, he has the utmost integrity – a family man with Christian values and it shows in the work he does.