I wanted to write to you and express my pleasure with the service you provided last Wednesday. The shower in our bedroom bathroom has been broken for six years. It was actually caused by another plumber re-installing a toilet. Long story.

I have been neglecting to have it repaired because of the perceived cost. I finally got tired enough of using the little bathroom and called Restoration. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised with how little it would cost to have it repaired. So pleasantly surprised that I decided to have all of the toilets replaced as well.

My wife happened to be home while the repairs were completed. She could not have been more pleased with the results and the courtesy that Derek ad Brandon exhibited. She told me she has never seen someone so excited about doing their job!  Instead of rushing to get the job done, they took the time to explain the what and why throughout the entire process. I am extremely satisfied with the result, and would not hesitate to hire and refer Restoration Plumbing to my family, friends, and clients.